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Smoked makeup has always had its own unique charm lasting. Many people misunderstand smokey,wholesale mac makeup smoky makeup that is only suitable for nightclubs, parties, in fact, there are suitable for daily life, work, smoky makeup. Xiao Bian today to introduce a daily OL small smoky makeup tutorial, just seven steps, Wholesale Mac Makeup China you can easily learn.

Smokey eye makeup the most important thing is that by increasing the layering eye shadow, make eyes more sexy. Wholesale Mac Makeup China

STEP 1 primer with dark brown eye shadow. Brown eye shadow with a metallic sheen is not only a clear emphasis on the eye contour, more sense to create a gorgeous full point.

STEP Wholesale Mac Makeup China wholesale mac makeup 2 with a medium eye shadow brush dipped in dark brown eyeshadow evenly swipe eye socket, and eyelid folds at the following times can be more sweeping, produce gradual sense, make eyes more three-dimensional. Wholesale Mac Makeup China

STEP 3 chose not strong, but can add a sexy gray-brown eye shadow, creating drooping eye. Two-thirds of the lower eyelid at the end of eye using a gray-brown eye shadow, eye shadow above the eye end integration.

STEP 4 Select the same color eye shadow eyebrow gel, natural smear eyebrows,Wholesale Mac Makeup China prominent three-dimensional eye. Smear from brow to brow in the opposite direction, from the roots to start coloring, then from brow to brow comb.

wholesale mac makeup STEP 5 lashes to be concentrated in the eyes to the end of eye and repeated smear,Wholesale Mac Makeup China thick eyelashes to enhance the degree, but avoid brush into the fly leg.

STEP 6 Cardinal blush color selection and close, the focus in the cheekbones protruding parts, and on both sides of the cheeks sweep out the shadows. This can strengthen the deep sense of the eye.

STEP 7 Wholesale Mac Makeup China in order to lip natural, first with a lip pencil and sketched out for the size of the lip, and then use a lip brush dipped in a uniform matte texture fill in the lip balm range, attention-lipped easy too large. wholesale mac makeup